How Important is Workout Wear?

Who would have thought that workout clothes are important right.  I mean what’s wrong with wearing sweat pants and t-shirts?

Here’s What You Need to Know about the Importance of Wearing Proper Workout Gear

Some people think that wearing warmer clothes (and even layered clothing composed of up to three or four shirts on top of each other) when working out can make them sweat more and help build more muscle and burn more body fat.

But that’s not the case at all.  It’s not recommended and can even be dangerous!

Through my years in the fitness industry, I’ve learned the importance of wearing the RIGHT workout clothes, which not only make me look good, but feel good on.

If you’re thinking that it’s downright CRAZINESS to spend money on good quality workout clothes, which in the end will just worn out and ruined, think again peeps!

It’s normal for most to think that wearing wife beaters and boxers (yes guys you know what I am talking about) or over-sized t-shirts and a regular bra which offers no support (you know this is you ladies)!

For example, wearing wife-beaters (you know those white tank tops our dads and granddads use to wear) while running can cause skin chafing due to the material rubbing against the arms.  And how about boxers? Seriously??  They don’t protect your junk guys.

Or you might have been wearing loose t-shirts because you’re worried people might see your stomach when you strike a pose (not to mention that they can see your sweaty underarms and yellow pit stains.

If you’re still working out in ANY of these mentioned, you need to stop now!  I recommend that you switch into active wear that fits and looks perfect and of course keeps the sweat out!

I found the PERFECT workout wear for myself so I will be a little bias here and recommend mylegwearshop.  This one stop shop sells virtually all the great fitness clothes that look and feel good on the body and keep the sweat OUT!  I wear it ALL the time, and if you see my daily posts on social media, you will see that.   I find their workout clothes the most comfortable and most flattering for my body, all at affordable prices every day. In fact, mylegwearshop is having an “Anniversary Sale” starting April 1st to celebrate their 1 year anniversary in business and it starts TODAY!

Why wear proper workout clothes?

I have already discussed the importance of it on your body but how about purchasing as a reward for yourself?  How you every thought of using CLOTHING for a reward for achieving your week/monthly fitness goals??  It’s like treating yourself for a new outfit.  In the process, you can motivate and push yourself harder—and stick with your goals.

Wearing the right clothing is all about making yourself comfortable and confident in every session.

After all, putting on the right workout clothes also has to do with safety.  CRAZINESS again right?

Just like it is important to wear proper running shoes for running to prevent injuries of the ankle, knees and legs the same can be for your pants.

Wearing pants that are too long can cause you to trip or get caught somewhere and we don’t want any injuries okay.

When it comes to comfort, it’s hard to focus on your workout if you constantly have to adjust your pants or sports bra right?

And then there is the flexibility to perform movements correctly so that the move itself can be effective. For us women, proper workout clothing should ALWAYS give us both support and flexibility. Pick workout wear that isn’t too loosely or snugly fitting.

We must select clothing that can stretch easily and that can move as we do so that we can reach, twist or bend when needed for a specific yoga pose, for instance.

So if you’re looking for great quality leggings and workout clothing that protects your junk (or your spouses) that won’t break your bank, I highly recommend mylegwearshop that offers exceptional, comfortable and stylish workout clothing that you’ll love, just as I do.

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