One Minute of Fame

Do you like being in front of the camera? How about speaking in front of the camera? I have to say that I get SO nervous and prefer not to do be infront of cameras! If you follow me on social media, you will see I post my workout videos and I know that is totally opposite of what I just said, but that is only 15 secs and I am NOT talking LOL. Plus it gives you an idea for a workout so that makes me happy.

Anyhow lets get to the point. Yesterday I modeled for my friends NEW clothing line (which I love BTW) LIVE on Rogers York Region TV. Can I just say OMG I thought I was going to faint.

My friend Antonella did really well and was so calm…I should be taking pointers from here that’s for sure.  I realized once I walked into the room and infront of the cameras, that it really wasn’t too bad.  There were a few cameras but it wasn’t as intimidating as I thought it would be.  The lesson really here is that when you are so scared to do something to the point you want to back down and be sick to your stomach, that is when you should do it the most.  What scares us the most will only make us stronger right??

You can watch the live show HERE so you can see my ONE MINUTE OF FAME and also check out my friends clothing line.  She has great workout apparel ;).   If you want to shop, visit and use discount code LIFESTYLE4LIFE10 to save!

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